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IMKI unveils The Sound Odyssey at the roman Theatre of Orange in France

2023-05-14 11:50 출처: IMKI

STRASBOURG, France--(뉴스와이어)--From May, the roman Theatre of Orange, an outstanding monument at the cutting edge of innovations, will host the Sound Odyssey, a unique and immersive show that will transport visitors in the heart of mythology. This new visual and sound experience will highlight the very first monumental video mapping created by AI, produced by IMKI, an startup specialising in the design and development of custom generative AI.


The roman Theatre of Orange has been at the forefront of innovations for 2000 years. Bathing in sound and image, visitors will be able to enjoy a unique experience in an unparalleled visual universe at the heart of ancient mythology thanks to a 360° video mapping system, consisting of 25 video projectors.

This multisensory experience will be accessible to all audiences from 7 to 77 years old. It is therefore primarily intergenerational and designed to be experienced with friends or family. 250 visitors will be able to participate in the show instantly within a 5000 m² projection area for 45’.

The innovations by IMKI are twofold : geolocation of sound coupled with spatialization and generative AI as the engine of the video mapping system. It’s the first mapping has been entirely designed by AI, a technology at the cutting edge of innovation capable of imagining and drawing worlds and creatures of unparalleled creativity.


Founded in 2020 in Strasbourg, IMKI develops Generative AI to help its clients multiply their creative capacities.

IMKI is aimed at all world’s companies whom the past is an asset to build future developments : Culture and Luxury.

Thanks to its expertise and unique method, IMKI develops custom creative AI that generate specific content faster and with lower production costs. Our goal ? To increase creative capacity and preserve the artistic DNA of companies.

IMKI enhances brand heritage by creating custom generative AI tools. Drawing from the DNA and artistic heritage of its clients, IMKI creates powerful creative assistance tools.

The startup aims to become THE reference in Generative AI within 5 years. IMKI now wishes to deploy its innovative offer and propose the essential technological brick to companies to multiply their creative power and increase their productivity.

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